Atomic Success Secrets

How entrepreneurs and individuals can overcome feelings of anxiety and imposter syndrome to achieve success, happiness, abundance, and fulfillment. Let's remove any obstacles standing in the way of your goals.

How Did It All Start?

 My friend and colleague, Ralph Havens, PT, IMTC, created Atomic Success Secrets. Ralph, a Matrix Energetics practitioner who has attended workshops with Dr. Richard Bartlett, and I have both integrated energetic and quantum healing into our practices. Ralph recognized the struggles his clients faced with anxiety and imposter syndrome while starting businesses, feeling stuck at a certain stage, and financially constrained. To support them, he started a group healing platform for entrepreneurs.

 Ralph was motivated to begin a cost-effective program where business owners can receive healing from skilled practitioners five days a week. He asked Katie Cavenaugh, Leslie Platner, and myself to join him in this initiative. The objective is to remove any obstacles hindering success and prosperity. I am grateful to Ralph for including me as one of the healers in the Atomic Success Secrets program. I have been a part of it from the beginning and have found it to be a truly remarkable experience.

Live Healing Session Daily

 Not only is there a live healing session daily, Ralph has created a portal that is full of videos and information to support entrepreneurs (and anyone who is facing challenging situations) in many aspects of life, from Qigong, and meditation, to diet and physical healing techniques. 

How It Works

 There is one basic technique that is at the core of the healing practice: The Peace Process. Participants learn to be aware of how their thoughts and emotions about their goals and dreams are related to sensations in their bodies. Anything that is negative, or fear-based, will cause discomfort, tension, heaviness, pain or constriction. The Peace Process allows people to clear any fear, trauma or negative belief that has been stored in the nervous system that blocks success. It is very different from talk therapy, and easy to learn. Each of the practitioners brings their own special expertise to assist the process. 

Who Benefits?

 The healing work benefits everyone involved in the group each day. Individuals work one-on-one with whichever healer is leading the group. They can describe the situation that is troubling them, but they don't have to. They are guided through The Peace Process until there is no longer a negative charge when they think of the situation. They are encouraged to open the door to the Universe (or the Divine) and be willing to have a new experience, and then to “notice what they notice.” 

How can You Tell If The Therapy Is Effective?

 When clients conduct tests before and after the session, there is often a noticeable improvement in their range of motion, physical pain, stiffness, inflammation, and even their emotional well-being. As they observe these changes, they are inspired to pay attention to other positive shifts in their lives. This includes synchronicities, healing, and new opportunities that present themselves.

 A strong sense of community has formed among participants, who feel supported and uplifted by the group. Each session brings about a change in the collective energy of the group, fostering a sense of unity and shared joy in discovery. 


What Are The Results? 

The results speak for themselves - entrepreneurs are achieving their business goals, and individuals are finding increased motivation and success in both their personal and creative endeavors.

What The Participants Are Saying: 

The barrier of doubt is gone. I have stepped into my power and feel more freedom and energy. Things resolve using awareness, without having to figure them out. Negative stories are being unwound and reversed. I am manifesting money quicker, and getting new clients. My creativity has increased. I am painting in a new style without fear of how it will turn out. JH, Healer, Painter, New York

Life changing. The practitioners, community, support and tools I need to expand to the best version of me - spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and professionally. 
TF, Therapist, Educator, Indiana

My life has changed beyond all recognition. Met the best group of people in the world. My life is more magical, lucky and full of amazing opportunities. 
AC, Addiction Counselor, Musician, England

The group is grounding. There is a sense of community with those who are present all doing their own inner work. I have learned to notice the way my thoughts and emotions interact with my body, and to use that awareness to release anxiety. HM, ABA Clinician, Washington

Atomic Success Secrets has helped in unfolding many aspects of my life. I was living in lack and stuckness. Every time I had to face a challenge big or small, I used to get sick. It has helped build strength and resilience in my mind, body, spirit, emotions. My relationships are getting better. I am opening up my path and attracting more and more abundance.
KS Business Manger, Theta Healer, Mozambique


As For My Own Experience

The impact I have seen from being a part of and leading the Atomic Success Secrets group includes feeling more at peace, experiencing a overall sense of joy in my daily life, growing in self-love and acceptance, learning to trust life more, and becoming better at living in the present moment. Frankly I feel like a much better version of myself! We have so much fun during the sessions. I thoroughly enjoy guiding group members through their own healing journeys. Leading others through their transformations brings me joy and happiness, as I see how each individual's growth impacts the entire group and even my life.


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