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What people are saying about Ilia

-Danute Kuncas Sutton, Quebec

"I wanted to message you a VERY BIG, BIG THANK YOU.

Thanks to you, HUGE, HUGE problems in my life have been unblocking

like glaciers melting and falling into the ocean at such a rapid pace,

 I just can't believe it."


-Sandra Power, Quebec

“Thanks so much Ilia for the 2 Emotion Code sessions.

I was surprised at how easy the sessions were and how quickly

you were able to “tap into” the emotions underpinning the issue I

was dealing with. After our second session, I felt a big shift and

feel confident that the issue is now working itself towards resolution.

Thanks again!”


-Martina S. Zagreb, Croatia

“I have known Ilia for 11 months and we became friends almost immediately.  She is a very open-minded and kind person. She has a huge motivational spirit.  I have interacted with her extensively as my life coach, business and personal mentor helping me with my personal and business growth. During our sessions, I have come to know Ilia very well, and therefore I can comment on some aspects of her advising. Ilia is a caring, interesting, hard-working, creative, organized, remarkable mentor. She is very committed to helping her clients by using Emotion Code, informal talk, meditation, and coaching.  She has tremendous knowledge helping people to cross through their personal barriers. It is my pleasure to have a coach like Ilia.  For example, she helped me using The Emotion Code to release obstacles that have held me back from starting the business of my dreams.  Today I am a much happier person thanks to her, consequently,  I would like to recommend Ilia as a coach to everyone who would like to reach a new level of self-improvement as I have.  ''She has huge motivational power".


-Rebecca S. Quebec, Canada

The emotion code helped me heal from sciatica back pain.

Ilia was understanding and empathetic through my sessions.

The process provided me with a path to reflect on and a way to

release some emotional baggage I collected over the years.

I believe all who are fed up with chronic pain should have an

open mind and give this process a try. 
A non-intrusive therapy can't hurt.”


-Ann Pavlic, Ontario, Canada

With a mere 15 minutes of emotional code work through a phone call,

the discomfort and ache in my hands subsided considerably.

With these kinds of results, I'm sure that even more specific pain

could be eased through continuous commitment in the process."


-Anne B. Quebec, Canada

I want to thank you for the quality of your "Emotional Code" sessions and its benefits on my mental and physical state. The skepticism I may have felt at the beginning vanished quickly as I experienced the positive outcome of our sessions. Your discretion and professionalism are reassuring.  I am happy to share my experience with my family and close friends.  Namaste :)”


-Adrienne T. Montana, USA

Thanks Ilia, for all your help over the years! There’s many a time I’ve been so grateful for your empathy and the work you do, so I wanted to share our story with others... Among the many sessions I've had with Ilia for various reasons, the one that was most interesting and obvious was when we were trying to sell our home. It had been on the market for over a year and we were getting quite frustrated at how everybody loved it, but no one was buying it!  I began to think that maybe the problem lied with us and not the house. I had previously known about the idea that our emotional issues can transfer to our physical lives, but didn’t quite put it all together until I decided to get some help from Ilia. I wanted to see if we had blockages that could be hindering us.  Sure enough, apprehension at moving, fear of failing at realizing our dream, and worrying that maybe we don’t deserve this good fortune, all came up. In just ONE session, Ilia helped to find and release these issues!  About a week later (!), we had 2 offers on our house! Since then we've been able to realize our dream. And because of all her help, I've felt empowered enough to work on myself and when it's too difficult, I call Ilia!  Although there are other methods available, the ones she uses are certainly effective. She succeeds in showing how there are safe and powerful ways to help realize life and health goals, away from mainstream medicine.  It's life changing to see how having the guidance and capacity to turn inwards can have such positive outward effects! And it’s encouraging to know that when life gets complicated and heavy, good help is a phone call away. 
Thanks, Ilia!


-Irene Guilbault, Cowansville, Quebec

A friend of mine recommended Ilia Kavoukis and I was glad I consulted her!  The first time I visited her, she did a Reiki treatment and proposed to try the Body Code on the next visit. I had physical and emotional problems.  With the Body Code, she could pinpoint blockages and remove them.  I consulted her about 6 to 8 times and frankly, my life was transformed, people around me are impressed with all I have done in a short period of time.  I strongly recommend Ilia to help with your physical and emotional problems.  Thank you, Ilia.






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